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Shell Beach Sanibel Island

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What fun to energy gunfire along the surf and beaches of Sanibel Island, unique in that it fabrication east and west, uncommon than generally islands which tall tale north and south, this direction allows Sanibel Island to catch abundant sea shells with the intention of the Gulf of Mexico brings to its shores. Sanibel Island is planet renowned for its shells. People from all ended the planet occur to assemble and admire the colorful "Treasures From the Sea". You will discover childish and old with buckets, bags and nets shuffling long, stooping ended, this stance has occur to be know as "The Sanibel Stoop"

How to clean shells

Soak shells in a 50/50 solution of water and bleach, hardly any hours or overnight. If one barnacles or other topic is missing remove with a pick or toothbrush. To get on to shells shine wipe with sandstone smear with oil or baby smear with oil.

Sanibel Island Beaches

The Beaches of Sanibel Island © 1997 David Meardon - All Rights Reserved
Sanibel Island has spectacular white sand beaches, apparent blue water and an plenty of colorful shells with the intention of be inflicted with been dubbed "Treasures From the Sea." from 

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Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island


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