Tuesday, July 17, 2012

North Colombia Tours

Tayrona National Park  ( Photograph by Jane Sweeney, Corbis )

Bungalows  ( Photograph by Carlos Villalon, Redux )

Coffee Warehouse   ( Photograph by Fabio Cuttica, Contrasto/Redux )

An Arhuaco man works in a coffee warehouse in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Arhuaco, believed to be descended from the Tayrona people, produce coffee in the north Colombian mountains.

Santa Marta  ( Photograph by Christian Heeb, laif/Redux )

Travelers to Ciudad Perdida launch from seaside Santa Marta, founded in 1525. The Caribbean rhythms of salsa burst from the town’s clubs; plantains and chicken sizzle at streetside stalls.

Ciudad Perdida  ( Photograph by Fausto Giaccone, Anzenberger/Redux )

Source: nationalgeographi

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